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Suppiluliuma's faction icon

The defender


Suppiluliuma's faction icon

The Defender

The last Great King of the Hittites met an unknown end during the collapse of the Bronze Age. Players looking to rewrite history will need to be resourceful and skilled to unite the Hittite Empire against the growing chaos. Suppiluliuma faces dire circumstances and limited resources while being attacked on multiple fronts. Fortunately, his honourable nature, noble connections and reputation as a great warrior allow him to rally local kingdoms to his cause – and such alliances could yet see him prevail. He would happily live a life of peace were it not for his burning desire to ensure that Kurunta, whom he blames for all the world’s ills, doesn’t ascend to the throne and bring disaster to their homelands.

Play Style

Measured campaign pace; frequent battles; faces war on multiple fronts; fragile economy.

Unit Style

Numerous medium and heavy units; powerful chariots; strong defence; weak ranged options.