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Total War: Pharaoh

The old Pharaoh is dead and Egypt is calling out for a new leader. In the newest entry in the Total War franchise, uncover a breathtakingly vibrant recreation of ancient Egypt during its last golden age and experience the dramatic events that threaten its destruction. Can you rise above your adversaries to become Egypt’s last great Pharaoh and stand against the collapse of an iconic civilisation?

Dynamic Battles

Become a fierce warrior or brilliant tactician and lead massive armies into epic real-time battles that stretch across the ancient lands of Bronze Age Egypt. Be prepared for intense changes in weather that directly impact your chances of survival on the battlefield and utilise the threat of fire, which can engulf armies and spread destruction throughout forests and settlements.

Grand Strategy

Prove you have what it takes to become the greatest Pharaoh in history and forge an empire for the ages. Use grand strategy to conquer and defend the rich lands of Egypt, Canaan and Anatolia, manage an ever-evolving economy, boost your political standing in the courts and develop a military strategy that can counter the looming threat of the Bronze Age Collapse.